2023 6th International Conference on Advanced Electronic Materials, Computers and Software Engineering (AEMCSE 2023)

Call for paper

The 2023 6th International Conference on Advanced Electronic Materials, Computers and Software Engineering (AEMCSE 2023) serves as good platforms for academics, researchers, and engineers to meet and exchange innovative ideas and information on all aspects of Advanced Electronic Materials, Computers and Software Engineering. We are delighted to invite you to participate in AEMCSE 2023.

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

A.  Computers Engineering | 计算机工程

1、Operating   Systems操作系统
2、Quantum   Computing Theory量子计算理论
3、Scientific   Computing科学计算
4、Computer   Programming计算机编程
5、Database   Management Systems数据库管理系统
6、Evolutionary   Computation进化计算
7、Logic   Programming逻辑编程
8、Machine   Learning机器学习
9、Software   Engineering软件工程
10、Symbolic   Mathematics符号数学
11、Digital Signal   Processing (DSP)数字信号处理
12、Advanced   Adaptive Signal Processing高级自适应信号处理
13、Computer   Vision & VR计算机视觉与虚拟现实
14、Multimedia   & Human-computer Interaction多媒体与人机交互
15、AI &   Neural Networks人工智能和神经网络
16、Communication   Signal processing通信信号处理
17、SP for   Internet and Wireless Communications互联网和无线通信服务提供商

B.  Software Engineering | 软件工程

1、Software   Architecture软件体系结构
2、Software   design method软件设计方法
3、Software   testing technology软件测试技术
4、Automated   software design and synthesis自动化软件设计和合成
5、Component-based   software engineering基于组件的软件工程
6、Computer-supported   collaborative work计算机支持的协作工作
7、Programming   language and software engineering编程语言和软件工程
8、Computer   network计算机网络
9、Information   and communication security信息和通信安全
10、Computer   Graphics and Human Machine Interaction计算机图形学与人机交互
11、Multimedia   technology application多媒体技术应用
12、Artificial   intelligence and recognition人工智能和识别
13、Embedded   software and applications嵌入式软件和应用
14、Automatic   control自动控制
15、Distributed   Computing and Grid Computing分布式计算和网格计算
16、Cloud   computing technology云计算技术
17、Storage   technology存储技术
18、Big data   analysis and processing大数据分析和处理

C.  Advanced Electronic Materials | 先进电子材料

1、Dielectric   material介质材料
2、Semiconductor   material半导体材料
3、Piezoelectric   and ferroelectric materials压电和铁电材料
4、Conductive   metals and their alloys导电金属及其合金
5、Magnetic   material磁性材料
6、Optoelectronic   materials光电材料
7、Electromagnetic   shielding materials电磁屏蔽材料

D. 其他相关主题 Other Related Topics