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Engineer Jiacheng Feng, Beijing Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Research Institude Co.,Ltd., China
Engineer and researcher of National Innovation Center
Worked in CIE think tank (MIIT)
Responsible projects: project leader of driver in the loop, virtual simulation test, HMI evaluation
Main business: simulation testing, HMI evaluation, experimental system design, consulting research
Results introduction:
In terms of scientific research projects, he was responsible for the planning and design of the Dil Lab of the national innovation center, the development of the comprehensive test scheme and algorithm of automatic driving vehicle, and the compilation of the HMI evaluation system of the intelligent and connected vehicle. Participated in the national key research and development plan: Disengagement causes analysis of automated driving system; National Natural Science Foundation Project: Simulation design of acceleration sensor with muti-stage induction system. Academically, he has applied for 5 patents as the first author, published many academic papers at home and abroad, and compiled many works and research reports as the first author and core author, including: The blue book of China intelligent Netcom, analysis on the status quo and development trend of human-computer interaction of intelligent vehicles, Investigation and Research on the development of China intelligent and connected test demonstration area, The current situation and development trend of intelligent and connected vehicle.

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