Welcome Prof. Shuifa Sun, China Three Gorges University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Shuifa Sun, China Three Gorges University, China

SHUIFA SUN received the B.Sc. degree from Tianjin University, China, in 1999, the M.S. degree from the Zhejiang University of Technology, China, in 2002, and the Ph.D. degree from Zhejiang University, in 2005. From 2005 to 2006, he was a Research Associate at the Department of Computer Science, City university of Hongkong.
He is currently a Professor with the College of Computer and Information Technology, China Three Gorges University. He worked as visiting scholar at Clemson University in 2011 and at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2019, respectively. His research interests include intelligent information processing, computer vision, and multimedia information processing. He has authored more than 70 technical papers in these areas.

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